The family law attorneys at Ciklin Lubitz understand the stress and anxiety that accompany all family law matters and provide personalized, responsive legal service to each and every client.

Family law issues regularly handled by the firm include annulments, child support, divorce, paternity, property division, spousal support (alimony), and parental time-sharing.

Partner John D. Boykin is Board Certified in Civil Trial by The Florida Bar. He is an expert in civil trial law, including the litigation of civil controversies in all areas of law before state courts, federal courts, administrative agencies, and arbitrators.

Attorney Kevin Wilkinson, who is Of Counsel to the firm, has more than 30 years of experience in family law. With a law degree from Duke University and an undergraduate degree in accounting, Mr. Wilkinson utilizes his accounting background to assist clients in their legal matters. He lives in Wellington and is readily available to serve clients in western Palm Beach County.

Child Support

Child support guidelines in Florida are closely regulated by state law. The firm’s attorneys work with the mother or father to assess likely child support requirements, taking into account factors such as the needs of the child or children, age, station in life, the standard of living, and the financial status and ability of each parent.

When financial circumstances change or one parent moves to a more distant location, attorneys work with the family client to seek a modification of an existing order.


Over 80,000 couples get divorced in Florida every year. While most marriages last about 10 years, in 2010 there were almost 6,000 divorces among Florida couples married 25 to 40 years or more. As these divorced spouses remarry, managing the second marriage becomes complicated with the presence of children, assets, and business interests. The firm’s family law attorneys work with the husband or wife to strive for an amicable settlement of marital assets and agreement on parenting responsibilities.

Prenuptial Agreements

Reaching agreement in advance of marriage as to how assets, liabilities, and family obligations will be handled makes it easier for the parties to focus on achieving a mutually supportive marital relationship. A prenuptial agreement, entered into before the marriage date, gives each party the comfort of knowing that their wishes are legally binding.

Parental Time-Sharing

A “parenting plan” is now required in all Florida cases involving time-sharing with a minor child or children, even when time-sharing is not in dispute. Agreements can become increasingly complicated when supervised time-sharing is involved, or when a relocation or long-distance parenting plan is applicable. The firm’s attorneys work with the parental client to file the necessary court documents outlining the parenting plan provisions requested.

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The firm’s family law attorneys represent either the husband or wife with caring and sensitivity as they go through one of the most challenging times of their lives.

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